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Tips For Deciding Whether To Have A First Look

Tips For Deciding Whether To Have A First Look

When you are considering all the decisions that you are making for your wedding, you might overlook one, until people start asking if you are going to have a first look before the ceremony. This is a photo shoot opportunity with the couple alone that allows them to get a look at each other before they walk down the aisle. It might seem like a trivial thought when you have months and months to plan, but it is something you need to determine. This way the photographer will know to plan for this or fill the time with other pictures should you decide to skip this. Additionally, if you have someone helping you stick to your schedule for the day, they will need to know if they should plan for this as well. Are you unsure whether a first look is for you? Here are some things to consider.


If you have a first look before the ceremony, you can also try to fit in all the photos earlier to allow for uninterrupted time at the reception. It is hard sometimes to get all your photos in if important people need to leave the reception early. There also could be an issue if you have any time constraints on your day and you won’t have a lot of time to take photos later in the celebration.

Intimate Moment

When you have a first look, it gives you time to see each other without everyone else looking at you. Seeing your significant other for the first time in their wedding attire can be an emotional event. Your first look can be something you cherish for years to come. Additionally, you will both have the time to speak with each other and talk about how excited you are for the day and share how happy you are that today you will be wed.


Some of your relatives might offer some pushback to having a first look if they follow the more traditional thought process that seeing each other before the wedding is bad luck. This thinking goes back to when marriages were arranged, and the couple was not in charge of the matchmaking. The fear was that if they saw each other before the wedding, then one of them would back out of the marriage. This thinking is also where the veil originated from.

Pushing the superstition aside, maybe one or both of you simply wants to wait for the big reveal when you begin walking down the aisle. An issue with this could be if you do not have the same thoughts about this and it becomes a problem between you. It is good to discuss this with each other so you both know your preferences and why you feel the way you do.


If you are considering a first look, you want to make sure that there is plenty of time for the pictures to be taken. If you begin to be short on time, then your photos might feel rushed and won’t have the true feel of the joyous occasion. Then your pictures will be something you remember, but for the wrong reasons. Additionally, if you wanted to have an intimate first look, but don’t have time for just the two of you, then this will mar the moment as well.

The decision will be for the two of you to make. It is good to decide and then reconsider this decision as the time gets closer to make sure that you both are of one mind. We’ve shown you some pros and cons of having a first look. Ultimately, the day will be beautiful, whatever you decide!


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