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How To Look Best In Your Wedding Photos

How To Look Best In Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is coming up. You know that you will be taking a lot of pictures to capture your day. You may have professionally posed pictures and others that are candid. One thing that will be on your mind is making sure you look your best in the photos. Is there a certain way to stand, or the perfect pose? We’ve researched the ways to look best in your photos and share them below.


One of the best ways to look as good as possible in your photos is to have good posture. This means that you will need to stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and look forward. It is amazing what sitting at a desk all day and looking at your phone for hours at a time can do to your posture. You have the tendency to lean forward naturally and look down. You will need to practice working against this before your wedding so that standing up straight becomes a natural feeling again. It will have a major effect on how you look in your photos, just by standing up straighter alone.


There is nothing wrong with trying out various poses in a mirror or in test photos to see how you look. There are looks that people try when they are on the red carpet that are used by many -an angled body, weight on your back foot, ankle crossed one over the other while standing. You can take photos from both sides and the front to see if you have a “good side.” Then you can share this information with your photographer for the day. Additionally, professional photographers have been taking pictures for a number of years and can offer ideas on what will look best in your wedding photos. Trust them.


When you are practicing your poses, also take a moment to check to see what your smile looks like in the photos. Some people think they might have a relaxed look when they are smiling, but their look comes off differently in photos. The object here is to relax and smile naturally and see what it looks like. How white do your teeth look in your photos? Are you self-conscious about your smile? By practicing beforehand, you give yourself the opportunity to work on things that you are concerned about.

Professional Grooming

A way to look your best in your photos is to have your hair and make-up professionally done or get a professional shave and groom before the big day. You can let the stylists know whether you will have an indoor or outside event, so they can help you with determining what is the best way to wear your hair and the best way to set your make-up. They can let you know what issues might evolve depending on what you want for your big day. Additionally, you can try out a few different styles over different days to see if you like one best.

General Tips

We also wanted to share some general tips for any pictures that are being captured on your wedding day. Make sure there are no unnecessary shadows cast in the photo. This can come from the lighting in the room, any objects that might be in the area, and even people standing in your lighting. You also want to make sure that your photos are free from obstructions or objects in the background. It is important to see the whole field of vision from the camera before the picture is taken. You want to make sure that your photos do not have extra people or objects in the background, coats, lighting equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.

Your wedding day is your day to shine. The pictures will be something that will be looked back on for a lifetime, remembering the love and joy of the day. The absolute best way to look great in your photos is to relax and enjoy yourself! You are beginning the best time of your life!


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