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What To Remember For Your Wedding Day

What To Remember For Your Wedding Day

The big day has arrived! You are getting married today! All the planning and hard work and effort have gotten you here. Congratulations! Now that you have arrived on the big day, you might be thinking that it is time to just party and celebrate. Not quite yet. There are a few items that are going to be very important to remember today of all days. We’re here to get you to the wedding and then the reception. Here are some final things to remember on your wedding day.

Marriage License/Certificate

You will need to have obtained a marriage license and certificate. The marriage license comes from a government office and is the document that allows you to legally get married. The certificate is received after the wedding to show that you did, in fact, get married. So, the license is permission to get married, and the certificate is proof that you are legally married.

Wedding Rings

Whoever is the keeper of the wedding rings before the ceremony needs to let you know that the rings are at the ceremony with you. Sometimes a friend or parent can take care of this task, or maybe you have done this yourself. The rings will most likely be in a small box that can get lost easily. It is best to have one person responsible for this so that you know where the rings are at all times.

Document Holder

All the important documents that you need to have with you on the big day will need a specific holder to keep them together and keep them safe. This can be any type of document holder that you feel most comfortable with but keep all the documents together.


If you have your vows written down on a piece of paper or printed out, these should go in the document holder to keep them safe. You can try to memorize your vows, but if you find this hard, there is nothing wrong with either writing them down (fully) or having a notecard with the main points you wanted to remember.

Wedding Planner

If you hired a wedding planner to help you with your day, make sure they know where you need them to be to begin the day. Do you want them to call you in the morning? Where are you planning on meeting them? Did you both decide on what roles they were handling and what they weren’t? It is great to solidify what you want them to do and have them tell you what they do on your wedding day. This can help reduce any confusion about who needs to be where.

Emergency Kit

This can be a game-changer for the day! Make sure that you have your emergency kit on hand to handle any last-minute issues that might come up once the day has gone in motion. If you want to choose someone to be the keeper of the emergency kit as well. This way, if there is an issue, you know who to find or ask to fix it.

Wedding Attire

If you have something specific you wanted to wear, a family heirloom, extra shoes, etc., make sure all these items are packed and ready to go when you start getting ready. Set them together the night before or have someone in charge of bringing them to where you are getting ready.

Wedding Vendor Info

In your important document folder, you should have all the contact information for the vendors that are a part of your wedding day. Make sure your honeymoon hotel room is booked and good to go (confirmation codes). You have all the important information for the vendors – contracts, payments, and questions.

Final Thoughts

If you are heading out right after the reception, make sure clean up and excess food distribution are handled. Designate someone to hold the cards and gifts that were brought to the venue until you return. Then get ready to enjoy your honeymoon as newlyweds!


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