Wedding Ring Trends That Are Sure to Last

An engagement and wedding ring are more than just sparkling accessories to gleefully admire on your ring finger anytime you please. In fact, they are symbols of love, commitment and a sign of forever, which is why they should fit your style and personality perfectly. Today’s ring trends are taking a classic cut and giving it a stunning twist, while other trends throw classic out the window by involving stacked styles, mixed metals and diverse shaped stones.  Whether you have more of a traditional style or prefer more of a bold, outside the box design, the wedding ring trends that are in style now are sure to stand the test of time.


This style is simply timeless. When you think of engagement rings, one often wanders straight to a solitaire style. Many engagement ring buyers often select a solitaire setting for its classic elegance and its ability to showcase the beauty of the stone. Seeing that the diamond will be the focal point of the ring, most people begin their selection process with the shape of the diamond. According to a study done by The Knot, the most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is round, with 53% of all engagement rings taking that shape.

Rose Gold and Mixed Metals

This was a major trend in 2018 and a style that won’t fade out anytime soon. This romantic hue has a surprisingly timeless appeal to it. It started as a popular choice in the fashion and beauty world but it is becoming increasingly popular and a is go-to choice of color for both engagement and wedding rings. If you find yourself struggling to choose between the different metals of gold, (rose gold, platinum or silver), then a mixed metal ring  is perfect for you. Not only will your rings reap all kinds of attention, but it will also be unique in its own way.

Twisted Band

If your style is more traditional but you are looking for something more unique, a twisted band is for you. Twisted bands add just the right amount of pizzazz to any metal setting without distracting from a gorgeous center stone. In fact, this new twist on tradition can really compliment your stone of choice, whether it be the universal round cut or princess cut.


If you want to mimic your inner Meghan Markle then an elegant three-stone ring is for you. Blowing up ever since her engagement, this style ring has us oohing and ahhing as it resembles three similarly sized diamonds, making for a modern renovation to a simple and classic look. To make this ring sound even more sentimental, historically the three stones are meant to represent a couple’s past, present and future.

Fancy Diamond Shape

Uniquely shaped diamonds have been on the rise and are here to stay. Stones such as oval and pear shape seem to be of the most popular choices. There’s something stunning about the simplicity of an oval cut ring. Pair this cut with a thin band of either gold or rose gold metal and watch this timeless stone transform into a vintage-inspired piece. As for the modern cut of the pear shape ring, this cut gives us both elegance and sleekness at the same time, making it perfect for any fashion forward bride. Pairing this cut with either a white gold or rose gold pavé setting will really bring the bling to the next level. Or maybe it is simplicity you long for? In that case, leaving the diamond unaccompanied will still make for a jaw dropping sight.

Choosing the right ring can seem like quite the task, but doing your research will ensure that you find something that’s perfect for both you and your partner. Take the time to consider the shape, band, and metal of your ring and you’ll love your ring for the rest of time!



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