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Popular Wedding Shoes For Suits

Popular Wedding Shoes For Suits

While there is a lot of focus on wedding dresses and the shoes that can go with them, suits are also an important part of the wedding day. While taking the time to make sure the suits get a custom fit, it is important to pay as much attention to the shoes as well. There are many types of shoes that are popular for wearing with suits at weddings. Here are some examples of popular wedding shoes for suits.

Black Patent Leather

For the dressiest occasions, i.e., black tie, black patent leather shoes are the perfect choice. Patent leather has a glossy, shiny finish. Since these shoes are shiny, they have the opportunity to become scuffed, so making sure they are shined before the event is important. These shoes have the tendency to show age and can start to get scratched and cracked, so proper care is essential.


Brogues are low-heeled shoes, boots, or loafers that have hole perforations on the top of the shoe (“broguing”). The shoes also have notched edges along the seam of the shoe. Brogues can come in a variety of colors, but for suits for a wedding you will most likely be looking for black, brown, navy, or maybe dark green, depending on the suit color that you choose. For the most formal events, brogues are not the best option for shoes.


Loafers have the ability to be appropriate for formal and casual weddings, depending on the outfit. Like brogues, though, loafers are not appropriate for black-tie weddings. There are various types of materials, colors, and styles that can affect how formal a loafer can appear. You do not want to have your shoes look casual, but your suit looks formal. Loafer material can be suede or leather. Leather will look more formal than suede. Black and dark brown colors are more formal looking than light brown or tan shoes. The styles of loafer can be horsebit, penny, and tassel loafers. Penny and tassel loafers lean more towards casual-looking shoes and are not a good fit for suits.


Boots are an option to wear with a suit, but like the other choices, every type of boot cannot be worn with a suit. One of the dressiest types of boots is the Chelsea boot. This boot works best with slim-fitting pants due to the way the boots are cut. These style boots are close-fitting ankle boots and have stretchy panels on the sides. Another style of boot is called the derby boot. A derby boot is a fully lined, lace-up boot that can be worn in formal and casual settings. There are many styles of boots to choose from when pairing this boot with your suit choice.

Ultimately, the best wedding shoes for suits will depend on the style of the suit, the theme of the wedding, and the personal preferences of the wearer.


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