How to Take Control of Your Wedding Guest List

Whether you’ve walked down the aisle before or will someday soon, it’s no secret that weddings can have their share of drama. And we’re not talking about your uncle saying something inappropriate. No, one of the most classic sources for wedding-related tension is the guest list. And the more people you invite means more chances for conflict.

For instance, you might not like one of your bridesmaids’ boyfriends who in turn might have issues with your father who would rather not be around your aunt. Do you see what we’re getting at? No one’s family and friends are perfect, but you know that already. What matters is getting them all under one harmonious roof while staying on budget, and celebrating your love. Here’s how.

Start With the Venue

While the guest list and your venue might seem unrelated at first blush, they’re actually closely interlinked. After all, you need to make sure you have the space to hold how many guests you’re hosting and if there are certain conflicts you’d like to avoid, going with an elegant venue with multiple rooms gives you plenty of chances to keep certain parties separated. Additionally,  if you have your heart set on an intimate venue, make sure to put great care into your guest list so that if you have to invite that undesirable friend-in-law, you have plenty of other guests to distract you outside of the requisite meet-and-greet.

What About the Food

As we all know, the costs add up fast when getting married and food can be one of the biggest expenses. Depending on what you choose, food can cost anywhere from $10 to $200 a person so for many couples, deciding what they want to eat can help them determine if they want a smaller or larger guestlist. From there, it’s then a matter of navigating peoples’ different dietary restrictions. If you have a relative or friend with a serious allergy and you really want them there,  go the extra mile and make them a special meal. It’ll not only show you’re a thoughtful host but that you’re a good friend.

Ignore the Chatter

People often love to compare who got invited to a wedding and who didn’t and it can cause some brides and grooms a serious headache. But here’s why you shouldn’t let hurt feelings bug you. If it’s a close friend who you simply do not have the room for due to the highly intimate nature of your nuptials, they’ll understand and if not, then maybe they’re not such a good friend. Otherwise, you likely won’t see those you didn’t invite much in the first place and chances are that they probably wouldn’t have come in the first place. So ignore the drama and focus on who to invite to your wedding that will truly help make the day special.

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