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How to Keep Cool at a Summer Wedding

If you are going to a summer wedding, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the heat. You want to watch the bride and groom tie the knot, but what you don’t want is to sweat all day long. Heat exhaustion is a real thing and if you’re planning to enjoy the day, you will need to take some extra steps to keep yourself cool at the summer wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you beat the heat at this years’ summer weddings! 


Stay Hydrated! 

The first and most important part of staying cool at a summer wedding is to stay hydrated. That means drinking plenty of water the night before, and the day of. You are going to sweat if you’re in the heat at an outdoor wedding and by staying hydrated throughout the day you will eliminate your risk of feeling dizzy or experiencing other signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration. 


Pull Your Hair Back 

Another way to stay cool at a summer wedding is to wear your hair back. Having your hair down might be what you want to do, but it can actually make you a lot hotter. If you insist on wearing your hair down for the initial ceremony and pictures, consider bringing a hair tie to pull it back when the dancing starts! 


Pick Light Fabric for Your Outfit 

If possible, you should also pick a lighter fabric for your outfit. For guys, that means turning to a lighter material for your suit, or perhaps going for a vest and tie instead of a suit coat. For ladies, it means looking at shorter dresses or ones also made of a lighter material like silk, chambray or rayon. 


Bring Sweat Wipes 

Another way to stay cool or at least not as sweaty is to bring some wipes with you. If you’re feeling hot or looking a bit too “shiny” for pictures, simply pull a wipe out and dab yourself. Removing this layer of sweat will help cool you off and keep you feeling fresh! 


Utilize Makeshift Fans 

Sitting through a hot, sunny ceremony can be difficult, especially with rising temperatures in the summer. That’s why you should consider using a makeshift fan to keep yourself cool. Utilize the wedding program or even your hand to fan yourself if you feel like you’re getting overheated. 


Contact the Park Savoy Estate for the Ideal Outdoor Wedding Venue in New Jersey 

If you are looking to book your own outdoor summer wedding, The Park Savoy Estate has everything you need. As a premier estate wedding venue in New Jersey, we not only have stunning outdoor gardens for you to host your ceremony, but we also have an elegant ballroom for your reception. Plus, there are bridal and groom suites on site to make it even easier on you. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, contact us today! Our event planners will be happy to show you around the estate and discuss wedding packages. 

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