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How To Choose Your Venue

How To Choose Your Venue

One of the choices you need to make when you are planning your wedding is where you are going to have your wedding and reception. If you are getting married in a church ceremony, then you will most likely only need to find a place for your reception. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a non-denominational ceremony, you might want to try to find a venue that offers a place for your wedding and reception. What are some options when choosing a ceremony? Here are some factors to consider to choose your venue.

Wedding Date

When were you considering getting married? Do you have a specific date in mind or a specific time of year? Checking in with venues early to see what types of dates they have open is very important! Venues have the tendency to fill up sometimes years in advance, so it is best to check with some of your choices early! It is also a good idea to be somewhat flexible when picking a date. Is there only one date that will do, or can you have a first, second, and third choice?

Guest List

It is important to begin your search by thinking of the max number of people you are interested in inviting to your special day. Check with the venues to see if there is a minimum number of people needed to book the venue, and what the maximum number of people it can hold is. You can always begin your guest list with the thought of having everyone you want invited and then determine if there are people who need to be cut from the list as your planning continues.


Do you have a preferred budget that you want to stick to? Most venues charge a per person fee for meals. Then there are additional add-ons depending upon what you choose and other services that the venue can also provide for an extra cost. Additionally, all the vendors that you choose to help with your day add to the cost. It is very important that you add up all the extras that you are considering seeing what the total could end up being for your celebration.


After you come up with a general thought for a total cost, you can take the costs that you have determined and put them against the budgeted amount you calculated. From here, you can determine if you are on target or if changes need to be made. It is important to remember to add tips, last minute emergency purchases, and allow for a cushion in case an unexpected or forgotten expense pops up.


When you are calling and setting up tours for the venues, check to see if there are indoor and outdoor options for celebrating. Do they have an outdoor space to host the wedding? Is there outdoor space for the guests to get fresh air and mingle for cocktail hour or somewhere they can stroll through while they are waiting for the reception to start? What accommodations can be made if there is inclement weather? Is there dedicated space for an indoor wedding? All of these questions will help you choose the venue that offers the amenities you are looking for.


Ask the venue if there is anywhere nearby for out-of-town guests to stay who will be attending your wedding. You want to make sure there are convenient places for guests to stay while they are in town. You can then call the hotels to see how much blocks of rooms will cost and how soon in advance you can and should reserve them. You can also find out if there is a limit to how many you can reserve.

Preferred Vendors

If you are looking for florists, music, photographers, etc., you can ask the venue if they have preferred partners that they recommend. It is an easy way to find the vendors for your wedding, and you know these vendors will know the ins and outs of the wedding venue as well. They will know how best to capture and help you celebrate your day.

Park Chateau

Park Chateau has everything you are looking for in a venue! There are gorgeous gardens and a stunning estate. There is a non-denominational onsite chapel to host your wedding or you can choose the garden area outdoors. Dance the night away in the spacious ballroom after feasting on your delicious meal that guests will be talking about for years to come! Look over the preferred vendors to find all of the help that you need to make your wedding perfect! Contact Park Chateau to begin planning the wedding of your dreams!



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