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Don’t Make These Wedding Cake Mistakes!

Don’t Make These Wedding Cake Mistakes!

One thing on your mind when you are getting married is the wedding cake! Are you thinking about an elaborate cake? Maybe you want more than one cake? Could you be looking into a tiered cake? No matter what type of cake you are considering, here are some common wedding cake mistakes that you should avoid.

Ordering Late

You need to make sure that you order your cake as early as you can for your wedding. The bakers have orders from other weddings, parties, and other bookings. The size of the bakery, the wedding venue, and the intricacy of your cake need to be taken into consideration when determining when to start reviewing bakeries. You can ask the bakeries how far in advance they would like to receive wedding cake orders. Some bakeries will require a longer lead time than others.

Not Enough Cake

You want to make sure that you order a cake that is the correct size for the number of guests that you are expecting. Bakeries can help you determine the size of your cake when you let them know how many people you’ve invited. You can work with them to determine if the cake size might need to change based on the responses that you get from the invitations. You want to make sure that you do not run out of cake during your reception. One way to help with this is to have a variety of desserts available for your guests to choose from. There will be some guests who do not like cake.

Cake Transportation

You might be excited to have a very intricate cake, but have you thought about how it is going to be transported to your celebration? It might seem great to see what the latest trends are on social, but that might not translate well to your wedding celebration. Additionally, you need to take your wedding day weather into consideration. Will you need to make sure your cake is refrigerated or protected from the elements? Most bakers who have been around for a while will take all of this into consideration for you. They’ve seen what can happen and what to prepare for, so you don’t have to worry.

Too Many Flavors

Understandably, you are going to want to make your cake the most spectacular dessert you’ve ever had. One problem you could run into is trying to incorporate too many flavors in one cake. It’s best to give guests one or two options for flavors instead of several. If you have several options, you’ll need to figure out what to do when the flavor the guests want is out and the less popular flavors are left. You can avoid this issue at your reception by limiting the choices that guests need to make.

Cake Cutter

You had your cake set up beautifully, the wedding was spectacular, the reception is in full swing, and you are getting ready to cut the cake as a couple, do you have someone available to cut the rest of the cake for the guests? You want to make sure that someone is assigned to cut and plate the cake so that the guests can just walk up and take a piece. When you are discussing details with your venue, you can ask if they have someone that can do that or if you need to provide that yourself. Additionally, find out how the rest of the cake will be boxed up, should you have leftovers.

Cake Storage

You need to think ahead to avoid the last of the wedding cake mistakes. One thing that newlyweds like to do after the wedding is to store the top tier of the cake until the first anniversary and then celebrate by eating some. What goes wrong is that they store the cake incorrectly and when they take it out and that first bite hits their lips, they know they will not be eating any more of that cake. There is nothing to do after the cake has already suffered freezer burn or absorbed freezer taste. So, let’s not let that happen! When you are storing your cake in the freezer for the year, make sure the cake is wrapped air-tight in plastic wrap. Then put at least two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil over the plastic wrapped cake. Additionally, you can put it in a freezer safe container as well. Wedding cake wrapped the correct way can taste wedding day fresh in a year.

Taking all of these wedding cake mistakes into consideration can ensure that your wedding cake will be spectacular at your wedding and on your anniversary as well!


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