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Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing Your Wedding Date

One of the big decisions for your wedding is deciding when it is going to be. There are many options to consider and, no doubt, many opinions that will be shared regarding when everyone else thinks the best day will be. It’s important that you work on determining when the best date is for you. Also, if you have a few days to choose from, that will be even better. Here are a few things to consider when picking your wedding date.


Do you have a venue already picked out? Someplace that you already know you want to either have the wedding, reception, or both? When you have a few dates picked out, check with your venue choice and see if they are available. It is best to choose dates throughout the year so that you have a greater chance to have the venue and vendors that you want. Venues and vendors book well in advance, so it is never too early to see if they are booking for any of the dates you picked.

Indoor/Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning any type of outdoor event, you will need to consider the weather around the dates you have chosen. Different seasons of the year have different plusses and minuses related to them. You could have higher temperatures, excess wind, rain, or potentially snowy conditions. Additionally, there are various themes related to seasons and different décor that will be in and out of season.


Another factor to consider is your guest’s availability for the dates you are considering. If there are certain people who must simply be there when you get married, you will need to take their schedule into consideration. Having your wedding near major holidays or events can affect how many guests will be available to attend as well.

Dream Wedding

If you always imagined that you would have a beautiful afternoon summer wedding, then you have the beginning range of dates to pick from. While you are thinking about the guests and the vendors, don’t lose sight of what you want as well. You will be figuring out whether you want a morning wedding, evening wedding, or if you prefer the weekend or a weekday.


Another consideration for your date will be the budget you’ve determined for your wedding. Venues cost varying amounts of money, vendors charge different prices, and what days and times you want for your wedding will affect how much the event will cost. Previously, we discussed that décor prices might be affected by what is in season or not, so all of these will factor into how much your wedding total will be.

Ultimately, the date you pick comes down to it being your wedding and your choice. It is just by taking the other factors into consideration that you will be able to have the guests you want at the venue you want.


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