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Unexpected Winter Wedding Combo Colors

Are you tired of seeing the same color schemes for winter weddings? There’s no rule that you have to follow the crowd—it’s your day and you can choose the color scheme that speaks to you, no matter what time of year you plan to tie the knot. Check out these unexpected winter wedding combo colors that you can adopt for your own celebration.

Powder Blue and Peach

While some may think of these colors as springlike, you can use them anytime of the year. In fact, the airy softness of these hues goes well with fluffy white snow. The light blue is reminiscent of the blue shadows you usually see in the hollows of lovely deep snowdrifts.

Yellow and Magenta

The rich berry hue of magenta pairs well with bold, bright yellow. Add some shades of greenery, and you have a color palette that works perfectly at any time of the year.

Navy and Gold

Gold accents automatically give your wedding a hint of the festive without being on-the-nose, and the richness of the navy balances the warm tone of the gold. Consider incorporating metallics with lush, warm fabrics like velvet.


Combine tan, white, ivory, and blush pink to create a restful, beautiful color palette for your winter wedding. You can add bold color, like dark red accents, in the bouquets and boutonnieres.

Jewel Tones

What could be more festive than a selection of rich jewel tones? Emerald, sapphire, amber, and ruby tones combine to create a wedding theme as colorful and delightful as a Christmas tree. Layer in different textures and fabrics and invest in some vintage glassware for added charm.

Dark, Moody Hues

Deep maroon, dark green, and cream shades give a nod to the traditional Christmas red and green, without being tacky. Keep the tones deliciously moody for added elegance and contrast with metallics or neutrals.

White and Green

Do your eyes tire of the overabundance of garish color during the holiday? Choose a simple, streamlined color palette of clean white and fresh green. This relaxing blend is aesthetically pleasing year-round!


Pair orange with white, green, or berry hues for a fruity, festive take on the usual winter wedding combo colors. In the old days, children used to expect and crave the orange tucked into their stocking—so your inclusion of this fruit or its trademark color is a subtle throwback to traditional holiday gifting practices. Plus, orange is a bright, cheery color that can perk up the mood if your guests are holiday weary or afflicted by the winter blues.

Explore a variety of unexpected winter wedding combo colors to find the right one for you and your spouse-to-be! And if you need additional decor or planning suggestions, feel free to contact the experienced event specialists at Nanina’s in the Park. We’ll schedule a tour for you and help you create the day you’ve always dreamed of at our beautiful venue.

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