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The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Photos

Planning for your engagement photos! Keep reading for the do’s and don’ts of engagement photos!

The Do’s of Engagement Photos

Be Yourselves: It’s not every day that you’re a model getting your picture taken—well, probably not!—but it’s important to be yourselves. Try to relax and act normal. Goof around, smile, and enjoy the time together.

Bring Different Outfits: It’s important to bring a few different outfits with you to the engagement photoshoot. Bring a casual outfit, something more formal, and then something in between. Also, make sure they’re ironed and ready to go before the shoot!

Choose Comfortable Clothes: It can already be a bit awkward if you don’t love getting your photo taken. That’s why it’s important to choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. You don’t want to worry about tags rubbing on your neck or jeans that don’t quite fit right.

Coordinate Colors Wisely: You already know what colors compliment you and your fiancé best, so stick to those colors. You should also coordinate colors with each other. You shouldn’t be wearing a red outfit while they wear green unless you’re getting married at Christmas!

Plan Ahead: You probably have a limited amount of time, which means you should plan ahead. Scope out the location ahead of time either with your photographer or without so you can come up with a list of good spots to take pictures. Also, if there are certain poses you want, be sure to send them over to your photographer in advance. Planning ahead will make the shoot run much smoother and ensure that you get everything you want.

Be Prepared: You should come prepared for your engagement photoshoot. You should bring makeup, hair ties, combs, a lint remover and anything else that you might want for a touch-up between photos. If you’re shooting outdoors, sunglasses are also a must.

The Don’ts of Engagement Photos

Don’t Get Too Matchy: You definitely want to coordinate outfits, but don’t get too matchy with your choices. You don’t want to wear the exact same thing, rather choose outfits that complement each other.

Don’t Wear Logos: Visible logos, especially large ones, can be pretty distracting. If possible, try to choose articles of clothing that don’t have big logos strewn across them. It will keep the viewers’ attention where it matters, on you and your fiancé!

Don’t Wear Very Tight Clothing: You want to be comfortable during the shoot, so try to avoid very tight-fitting clothes. Plus, you can’t guarantee how the tight clothes will make your figure look in the pictures.

Don’t Overthink It: It can be a bit intimidating being in front of the camera but don’t overthink it. Relax, focus on your partner and try to have fun with it!

Take Your Engagement Photos at The Park Savoy Estate!

If you are planning on getting married at The Park Savoy Estate, why not take your engagement photos there too? You can then have side by side pictures of your engagement and wedding photos. Just be sure to contact our staff ahead of time to discuss availability!


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