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Stages of Planning a Wedding & How to Get Through Them

Planning a wedding can be stressful but keeping organized will help! Keep reading for a list of the stages of wedding planning and how to get through them.


Set the Budget

The first step in wedding planning is setting your budget. Look at both of your finances and determine what you’re willing and able to spend. This is also when you should ask your parents what, if anything, they’re willing and able to contribute to the wedding. It’s important to set a budget, with a bit of contingency included, and stick with it.


Pick the Date

The next step is to pick your wedding date. Some people want a specific date, like their parent’s anniversary or their own anniversary. Others look at the day of the week, as a Friday wedding is often cheaper than a Saturday. Finally, if you have a specific venue in mind, it’s best to get a list of available dates from them to help you make the decision.


Select Your Bridal Party

After you have a date in mind, you should also ask your bridal party to be a part of your wedding. This can be a difficult decision but remember that just because someone isn’t in your bridal party, it doesn’t mean you cannot involve them. They can still come to the bachelorette party or do a reading at the ceremony.


Generate Your Guest List

You will also need to take the time to generate your guest list. This can be the most difficult part of wedding planning, especially if you have parents that want to add to the list. It’s important to sit down with your spouse and have an honest conversation about how big you want your wedding to be. Then, work together to list everyone out to create a guest list. You might want to run it by your parents to get their approval before finalizing it.


Book a Venue & Hire Your Vendors

Next, you should book your venue. Once that’s done, it’s time to make more decisions on your vendors. It seems daunting to select a photographer, bakery, caterer, DJ, videographer, and more. But to make it easy, automatically remove people that aren’t in your budget, and then rely on suggestions from friends, family, and wedding review sites. Meet with all of your vendors in person to get a feel for how they vibe with you before making any decisions!


Nail Down the Details

After checking off the larger items, what’s left is to nail down the smaller details. That includes stationery, your wedding dress, bridal party outfits, your wedding theme and decorations, and more. This is stressful, but it will be a huge asset to utilize a wedding checklist or keep a Google Sheet to store all of your information in one place. Plus, you can easily share it with those who need to be in the know.


The Park Savoy Estate Will Make Wedding Planning a Breeze

If you are planning a wedding, The Park Savoy Estate makes it easy. Our wedding coordinators are highly-skilled and will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your tour!

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Source: Stages of Planning a Wedding & How to Get Through Them


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