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Small Gifts to Give Your Significant Other on the Big Day

On the wedding day, the greatest gift that the lovers could offer each other is their love and loyalty—but it has also become traditional for each spouse-to-be to offer their special someone an extra present, a tangible reminder of their love and devotion. Discover small gifts to give your significant other on the big day.

For a Bride

If you’re buying a gift for your bride, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Sparkling earrings, a charming necklace, a vintage brooch, a fashionable bracelet—all these items are treasures she can enjoy for years to come. Not sure if you know her taste? Bring one of her friends or family members along when you shop, to ensure that you select something she’ll love.

If she’s not into jewelry, try another accessory—a pair of shoes or boots she’s been wanting, or maybe a pretty scarf, shawl, or pashmina.

Still stumped? Instead of one gift, send her small remembrances throughout the day—her favorite coffee or tea early in the morning, a tiny box of chocolate or candy later in the morning, a single beautiful flower, a note.

You can give her soft, fuzzy socks in case she gets “cold feet” about the wedding, or send along a gift related to an inside joke that the two of you share. As long as the gift makes her smile, it’s a success!

For a Groom

Has your guy been craving a particular watch—a really nice, expensive one? You could buy it for him and have it engraved with a special message.

If you’re bold enough to do a boudoir photo shoot, include those images in a little locked notebook, just for him—a taste of what’s to come later.

Does he wear cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, or chains? Purchase a new, high-quality set of accessories that you know he’ll love.

How about cigars or a bottle of his favorite alcohol? A fancy tie with a hidden message stitched on the back? You could also buy him a bottle of amazing cologne that makes him feel like a stud.

With any couple, the most memorable gifts are the ones that represent the uniqueness of your relationship—the gifts that tap into the deeper emotions, recall the best moments together, incite laughter, or inspire a new surge of love and joy.

If you can’t think of a super-meaningful gift and it’s stressing you out, choose something simple. Write a note, make a playlist, or send along your significant other’s favorite snack. Love is caring about the other person’s needs, and as long as you do that, you’ll rule the gift exchange!

For more ideas to make your wedding day special, contact the event planning experts at Nanina’s in the Park. We’ll be happy to help you arrange the details of your big day so that you have cherished memories to savor for the rest of your lives.

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