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Show Your Fandom: Real-Life Pop Culture Weddings

We’ve all got those secret fantasies of the ultimate wedding, and for some of us, it’s the elegant royal wedding or the boho-chic beach wedding. For others, the ultimate wedding would be one that lets us go all-out, no judgment, and show off our fandom. If money and social expectations were no object, what would your fandom wedding look like? Let’s catch a glimpse of a few weddings where the happy couple threw all social norms out the window for their pop culture wedding.

The Vampire Wedding

Whether your style is more Twilight, True Blood, or 30 Days of Night, maybe the idea of a vampire-themed wedding appeals to you. Gorgeous ballrooms like those at Nanina’s in the Park would definitely lend a lush, atmospheric vibe to an elegant vampire wedding—we’re thinking more Dracula or Vampire Diaries rather than Let the Right One In.

The Superhero Wedding

With the recent resurgence in superhero lore, superhero weddings have become more popular. You could go full Justice League or Avengers, or opt for modern takes on the superhero idea, like the characters in the hit show Umbrella Academy or the Marvel spinoff show Agents of Shield.

The Outlander Wedding

The Scottish romance drama Outlander has inspired its share of weddings, especially for people with Scottish roots. An estate like Nanina’s in the Park is the perfect setting for a beautiful, romantic wedding like this, with its sweeping grounds and elegant indoor aesthetic.

The Shrek Wedding

Forget the Disney fairytale wedding! One couple decided they empathized more strongly with the off-beat romance of Shrek, and they threw a Shrek-themed wedding complete with a green-skinned bride and groom. Guests came in full medieval costume as well.

Mix It All Together

And then there are those weddings that do it all. Forget a single fandom—why not create a mishmash of several at once? One couple threw a wedding featuring dinosaurs, caricatures, and video games, with lots of little nods to other favorite things in the pop culture realm. The groom’s suit features a Pac-Man print, and the couple had a working DeLorean on-site for photo ops.

The Ones That Don’t Work

Some fandom weddings may sound cute in theory, but in person end up looking a bit—odd. If you’re going to do a Legend of Zelda wedding, a Sailor Moon wedding, or some other wedding based on animated characters, think it through carefully and decide how far you want to go with the look. A good stylist and an experienced wedding coordinator can help you pay tribute to a beloved game, show, series, or movie without slipping into painfully awkward or cheesy territory. For an example of a wedding theme that feels more grotesque than cool, we point you toward the zombie wedding and we strongly advise against Googling “zombie wedding cakes.” You’re welcome.

If you’d like more information on scheduling your wedding at Nanina’s in the Park, browse our website’s 3d virtual tour option, or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and set up an in-person tour of our lovely grounds and indoor spaces.

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Source: Show Your Fandom: Real-Life Pop Culture Weddings


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