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Creative Wedding Gifts

Are you attending a wedding of friends or family in the near future? Especially during the busy holiday season, selecting a wedding gift for your friends can feel like just one more stressful task. Take the time to remember why these people are so special to you, and you’ll find yourself more excited to select gifts for them. And while you’re at it, check out our list of creative wedding gifts that show your loved ones you really care.

Personalized Serving Bowl

A serving bowl is something your friends will be able to use over and over throughout their married life. If you’re purchasing one from the registry, see about having it monogrammed or imprinted with initials or with a special saying.

You could also select a beautiful collectible serving bowl that isn’t on the registry. Make sure it coordinates with the pieces your friends have chosen, and have it personalized in a way that will be meaningful to them.

World Map with Destination Pushpins

Do your friends love to travel? Maybe they’re hoping to travel together more once they’re married. You can buy them a gorgeous world map that doubles as wall art and a bucket list! Find a map that includes pushpins or magnetic marks so your friends can place a pin or marker at every location they want to visit during their lifetime together.

Personalized Connect Four Game

You can purchase custom-made wooden Connect Four games, where some of the shapes are cut into the letters of your friends’ names and the rest are shaped like hearts. It’s a cute living room decoration, a game, and a meaningful gift; and the couple will think of you every time they see it.

Unpopular Registry Items

You can’t go wrong buying items off the registry. But what if you selected the small, odd items, the ones that aren’t as glamorous or fun to buy? Find out which items all the other guests are overlooking, and choose several of them to purchase for the happy couple. You can tuck the items into a basket with a special heartfelt note from you.

Dessert or Dinner Basket

Maybe a lot of your friends are getting married around the same time, and your budget isn’t able to keep up with the cost of all the gifts. Assemble a “dinner for two” or “dessert for two” basket instead of selecting pricy registry items! For a dinner basket, include high-quality packaged pasta, gourmet sauce, a gift card to a local bakery for the bread, cloth napkins, and a couple of candles.

For a “dessert for two,” use a sturdy mixing bowl instead of a basket. Include a box of your favorite brownie mix, some cute aprons and oven mitts, and maybe some sprinkles or toppings. You could also throw in some measuring spoons, and maybe a packet of icing or a bottle of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Are you tying the knot yourself in the near future? Soon you’ll have wedding tasks of your own to accomplish, like selecting the venue you want for your special day. Schedule a tour of the beautiful Nanina’s in the Park estate or take a virtual 3D tour on our website. Once you’ve reserved a spot on our calendar, feel free to call us anytime for advice, details, or vendor suggestions. We’re here to help your day go smoothly!

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