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Art of the Three-Piece Suit—Expressing Your Personality on Your Wedding Day

Alright, gentlemen, this one is just for you! Your wedding day is approaching and you want to wow your bride with a look she’ll never forget. Whether you’re a regular fashion icon with your dress or you tend to wear socks with sandals, this article is for you. Your wedding day is something your wife will always look back on and smile at, so don’t you want her to remember you looking as dapper as James Bond? We’re talking the Danial Craig version with Bond rocking a three-piece suit. 

We get it, picking out a three-piece suit that expresses your personality right can be difficult. Thankfully, we’re here to help you through it every step of the way! 

Advantages of a Three-Piece Suit 

You might be wondering if choosing a three-piece suit for your wedding is the right decision. That’s a decision you need to make for yourself, but we’ll tell you quickly about the many advantages of a three-piece suit. First, aside from making you look absolutely suave and dapper, a three-piece suit provides a single stretch of suit fabric from ankle to shoulder to give you a balanced and fashion-forward appearance. 

In addition to that, a three-piece suit is functional. You can lose the jacket after dinner for the dancing portion of the evening and still look like the King of the party in your matching vest and pants. Plus, unlike a seldom-worn tuxedo after a wedding, a three-piece is versatile. You can lose the vest and wear it for a night out after the wedding without looking overdressed. 

Fitting a Three-Piece Suit 

Though a professional tailor will know exactly how a three-piece suit should fit, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. First, the vests bottom needs to cover the waistband of the pants entirely. You will also want the vest to be high enough to show even when the suit jacket is buttoned completely, but not so tall that you don’t get a glimpse of some tie. In addition, you don’t want the neckline of the vest too narrow. It should be broad enough to leave the shirt collar tips exposed for the best visual appeal.   

Choosing the Best Design for Your Personality 

Now comes the part where you choose a three-piece suit design that expresses your personality for the wedding. There are a few ways to do this, even if you’re hindered by a specific color that your fiancé wants you to wear. To add a bit of flair to the three-piece suit, it’s all about the accessories. Consider a tie with a pop of color or cool pattern or a pocket square with your wedding date embroidered on it. You can also dress up the look with bright patterned socks—within reason of course!—or a nice watch. However you choose to dress the look up to let your personality shine through, you are sure to be the best dressed at the wedding! 

Make Your Fashion Statement at The Park Savoy Estate! 

If you are going to look your best, you need the best wedding venue to showcase yourself. That’s where The Park Savoy Estate comes into the picture. With gorgeous grounds to take your wedding photos and an elegant ballroom to dance the night away, The Park Savoy Estate has everything you need. Plus, we feature outdoor ceremonies in our stunning gardens, which your bride is sure to love. Contact us today to schedule a tour! 


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