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Alternatives to Throwing Confetti or Rice at Weddings

You’ve probably heard by now that throwing rice isn’t an environmentally friendly choice for weddings. Contrary to popular belief, the rice actually doesn’t harm birds at all—that’s an urban myth. However, some venues still ban the throwing of rice for one reason or another, including the fact that it’s difficult to clean up afterwards. If you’d rather not use rice or confetti at your wedding, try these alternatives.

Venue-Specific Suggestions

First of all, it’s a good idea to check with your wedding venue ahead of time and find out what alternatives the owners may allow for the couple’s getaway run. Some venues have very specific regulations about what items can be used on their property, so before you settle on a solution, talk to your on-site event specialist about your ideas.

Water-Soluble Glitter

Glitter creates a delightful, magical atmosphere for the newly married couple as they run to their getaway car. However, you’ll need to ensure that the type of glitter you use is biodegradable, water soluble, and safe. That way, cleanup will be easy for your venue staff.


Instead of having your guests throw something at the two of you, why not give them something to shake or ring instead? Tiny regular bells, bicycle bells, or jingle bells don’t make a mess, and they provide lovely tinkling music as you make your way to the car to start your new lives together.

Paper Airplanes

Are you having a fun, casual wedding? Why not provide paper for your guests and encourage them to fold their own paper airplanes? They can fly the airplanes over you as you run by to the car. This idea is particularly handy for weddings that involve young children; it doubles as a way to occupy them while the adults celebrate.

Flower Petals

Ask your florist or another supplier to stow pretty flower petals in paper bags, and offer them to your guests to throw during your departure. Flower petals are beautiful, romantic, and naturally biodegradable.

Dried Lavender

Some weddings have used dried lavender bits instead of rice. Give them to the guests in glassine envelopes, and you’ll have a lovely, fragrant shower while you move through the tunnel of guests to the car. Other herbs and dried flowers can be substituted if you don’t prefer the lavender scent.

Flags or Pennants

Give your guests pennants, ribbons, streamers, or flags in your wedding colors so they can wave them while you’re departing. Any bits of cloth tied to sticks will work just fine, but if you have the budget for it, you can get the flags printed with messages, monograms, or the date of your wedding, and they’ll double as favors.


Bubbles are another popular option since they create a magical effect without requiring any cleanup. Use safe, non-toxic bubble solution, and have plenty of extras on hand for the kids.

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