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Summer Wedding Centerpiece Trends

Staying on trend is important to many brides, and as the summer of 2019 approaches, it’s clear which items and styles are becoming hot news at weddings. Get the scoop…

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Essential Information for Your Wedding Invitation

Other than the optional save-the-date card, your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. It’s important that you have not only a beautiful, classy,…

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How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony



If you are looking to make your wedding ceremony even more memorable, you need to inject a bit of your personal touch. Here are some ways to personalize your wedding ceremony if you don’t want a dry eye in the house!


Express Yourself through Readings


If you want to truly make your ceremony unique, consider having someone do a reading. This is not only a great way to incorporate an Aunt or family friend who wasn’t a fit for the bridal party into the ceremony, but it can also give guests a glimpse into your relationship. The reading can be anything from your favorite poem, an excerpt from a book, or even song lyrics.


Have a Loved One Officiate the Ceremony


Another way to truly personalize your wedding ceremony is to have a loved one officiate it. In most states, it is easy and cheap to go online and get a license to wed, so consider asking a friend or family member who knows you both well to officiate the wedding. This will result in a more intimate and personalized wedding ceremony and be something you remember for a lifetime.


Walk Down the Aisle to Music


Many people associate the bridal march song to tradition, but who’s to say that you need to stroll down the aisle to that song? Instead, why not pick a love song that is meaningful to you and your fiancé? Not only does this inject a bit of your personality and love story into the ceremony, but it is also a way to buck tradition and modernize your wedding a bit.  Some great options are Marry You by Train, Make You Feel My Love by Adele or any other love song that you and your fiancé enjoy!


Write Your Own Vows


If you want to truly personalize your wedding ceremony you should write your own vows. It can be intimidating to sit down and write your feelings and promises of eternal love on paper, but it will truly make your wedding ceremony a moment in your life to remember. Plus, it’s a great way to tell your fiancé how you really feel and let your guests get a sense of who you are as a couple and why you belong together. If you need some inspiration, look up pre-written vows and see how you can work some of your own love story into the mix. Just be sure you practice before the big day!


Sword Details for Military Weddings


If you are marrying a military man a sword detail is a way to incorporate that part of his life into the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, it’s a tradition for the groom’s officers to form a sword detail and have your groom walk you through it after paying the rite of passage—a kiss!


The Park Savoy Estate is the Perfect Backdrop for Your Wedding Ceremony


If you want to truly make your wedding ceremony a moment to remember, consider having it at The Park Savoy Estate! Our estate wedding venue is one of a kind, as is our stunning grounds that could serve as the perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony. To schedule your tour today, contact us!


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Tricks for Managing Wedding Planning Stress



Wedding planning is one of the most stressful things that couples go through. Thankfully, by following these tips, you can manage some of your wedding planning stress.


Get Organized


If you want to manage wedding planning stress you need to get organized. That means having everything organized in a single file on your computer or even a Google Doc that your parents, Maid of Honor, and other essential wedding participants can access. Have your guest list, vendor contacts, and budget all lumped into one file. You can even utilize some wedding planning apps like the one offered by The Knot to stay organized. By keeping everything in order you can relieve some of the stress with wedding planning.




If you start stressing about every finite detail of your wedding, you will drive yourself crazy. That is why it is essential to prioritize what matters most to you. By having a “must have” list from the start it will keep you on track and keep you from spinning down a DIY Pinterest rabbit hole. Also, by selecting certain components—like the flowers, DJ, food—that matter most, you can focus your time, energy and budget on making those shine.


Have a Plan B


One of the most stressful things about wedding planning is the constant worry of things going wrong. You might worry about a pregnant bridesmaid going into labor early before the wedding, rain on your outdoor ceremony, or the DJ getting sick and cancelling. By having a backup plan for major issues, you can ease some of the stress associated with wedding planning.


Make Self-Care a Priority


When you are wedding planning, you need to make self-care a priority in order to reduce stress. That means taking the time for a manicure, taking up a boxing class, getting regular massages or even just scheduling a Netflix binge for a night so you can chill out. Eating healthy and exercising are also great ways to reduce stress and take care of your body.




For those who are really stressed out, mediation has been proven to help alleviate stress. Meditation released serotonin, oxytocin, and helps slow your hate rate and lower blood pressure. You might not know where to even begin, but there are plenty of apps available like Calm or OMG I Can Meditate that actually walk you through meditation and can help you relax in just a few minutes.


Have a Date Night


If you are your fiancé are stressing about wedding planning, take a break! Schedule a date night with the promise that there will be no talk about wedding planning. Go bowling, mini golfing, or hit an arcade. By having some fun, you can eliminate some of the stress associated with the wedding planning and reconnect as a couple.


Book Your Wedding at The Park Savoy Estate!


If you are looking to alleviate some of the stress that comes with wedding planning, host your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate! Our experienced wedding coordinators have all of the knowledge and experience necessary to have your day run smoothly from start to finish. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a tour of our stunning New Jersey estate wedding venue, contact us today!

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Wedding Prep for the Groom – A Timeline



Popping the question is an exciting time, but once you share the news with all of your family and friends the real fun of wedding planning comes. Many brides take charge of planning, but the groom still has a lot of responsibility on his plate, especially if you want to mitigate some of your bride’s stress. Keep reading for a timeline of wedding planning for the groom!


12 Months Out


A year out from the wedding you will need to communicate with your bride to choose where you are having the ceremony and reception. In addition to that, you will also need to organize your bridal party. That means asking your groomsmen and Best Man if they would be willing to stand up in the wedding. You will also want to make your wedding registry with your bride, so be sure to voice your opinion if you’d really like a nice set of pint glasses or new grilling gear for hosting summer BBQs.


9 Months Out


About 9 months out from the wedding you will need to book your “talent” and this includes everything from a priest, rabbi or justice of the peace, to the DJ or band. When booking vendors, it’s always a good idea to get some references and meet with a few before making a final decision. At this point, you will also need to work up the guest list so you can send Save the Dates out. Work with your fiancé—and maybe even your parents—to determine what family and friends are going to be included.


6 Months Out


When you are half a year out from the wedding, it’s time to plan the honeymoon. This should fall on you, with a bit of your fiancé’s input. Are you going to the Caribbean? Hawaii? Europe? Decide on a location and duration together and then get to planning! At this point, you will also want to arrange for transportation on the wedding day. Whether you want a limousine or to rent a sleek sports car for the day, six months out is the perfect time to schedule your ride.


3 Months Out


A few months before the wedding you will need to book a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests or those who don’t want to drive home after the wedding.  You will also need to choose your outfit. Get some input from your bride and colors, but then get together with your groomsmen to plan an outfit that will make her jaw drop. At this point, you should also start considering what you will get your bride for a wedding gift as well as your groomsmen gifts.


Weeks Before


Weeks before the wedding you will want to schedule any haircuts, massages, teeth whitening services, and any other service you will need to look and feel your best on the big day. Other than that, aside from checking in with all the vendors, your job is to make your bride feel special and loved. Help her unstress and offer to help with any of the final details. Pick up your wedding license, write a sweet “day of” love letter to her, and get everyone organized for the big day!


With The Park Savoy Estate, Planning is Easy!


The good news is that The Park Savoy Estate makes wedding planning easy! Of course, you’ll still need to pick your groomsmen, attire, and the rest of the stuff on this list, but our experienced wedding coordinators and recommended vendors will help make sure the day runs smoothly from start to finish. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on marrying the love of your life! To schedule a tour or learn more about the top estate wedding venue in New Jersey, contact us today.

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