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Beautiful Wedding Venues in New Jersey

The area home to the Estate and now known as East Brunswick was first settled in the 17th century, and the Park Château Estate & Gardens evoked the classical beauty of a previous time period. Appearing as if it had come to life from the pages of a classic French Romance Novel, the Estate is the best wedding venue to realize your dream wedding

Upon arriving at the Estate, you travel up its luxurious path into the courtyard as you make your first steps into the Château, moving across the stone courtyard until you reach your first view of the gorgeous Park Château where you will celebrate. As the Château doors open and you glide into the foyer, your guests surround you as you are greeted by white-gloved servers and champagne.

The Estate is an extremely versatile wedding hall, allowing for both indoor and outdoor weddings with New Jersey as the backdrop. The ceremony for your wedding can be performed just across the path from the main house at Park Château’s charming private chapel.

If you wish to highlight the glorious nature around the Estate, garden weddings are ideal in the Château’s manicured garden alongside the pond, with the sun on the water glistening as you recite your wedding vows. Moments later, imagine yourself sipping cocktails on the flagstone patio as you and your guests take in the panorama of the view beyond the Château’s gardens and feast on a cocktail hour menu so elaborate and extensive that it would awe even a 17th-century king or queen.

The interior of the Estate is carefully adorned with classic French Antiques, each one exceptionally unique and chosen specifically for the Château. These original pieces add charming detail and delightful ambiance to the Château’s own architecture and grace. The décor and architecture evoke the illusion that one has traveled much further than a short drive from Manhattan, somehow being magically transported to the French countryside.

As you progress through the Estate, you’ll soon find yourself in the Grande Ballroom where silver place settings gleam and the champagne glasses sparkle as you and your guests toast to a new beginning. Magnificent crystal chandeliers glisten throughout the stunning ballroom, serving as shimmering beacons towards the new lives you and your spouse will create together. After all, the Estate not only boasts some of the chicest and sophisticated interiors and decorations but also features such fantastic food and service that will leave your guests full and delighted!


In 2016, long-time business partners Barry Maurillo, Joe Maurillo and Vito Cucci purchased the Château and soon began making plans for the grand renovation that they envisioned for the property. The past successes of these three visionaries promise great possibilities for the Estate. The trio has previously breathed new life into the upscale catering and top wedding venue Nanina’s in the Park just fifteen years ago. They then went on to magnificently renovate another New Jersey landmark, the Park Savoy, which has arguably become New Jersey’s best wedding venue.


Having already created two of the most exceptional wedding venues in New Jersey, the partners knew exactly what they were capable of creating at the Château. The excitement of the partners has caught on amongst their team of professionals as they seek to make the fully renovated Park Château better than any other wedding venue in New York or New Jersey and a destination venue for couples from all over the U.S.

Through creating an undeniably elegant venue, which boasts a unique ambiance, elaborately manicured gardens, and the perfect combination of exceptional food and outstanding service, the Château is destined to host countless spectacular weddings for decades to come.

We invite you to visit our incredible venue. Let us show you the fruition of our dreams.

The beauty, magic, and elegance we have painstakingly created here are just for you, so allow us to make your wedding dreams an extravagant reality here at the Park Château Estate & Gardens.


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